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to blog or not to blog-september 2019

A friend mentioned that he had a blog but it took too much away from his writing time. I agree it does take time away from your primary writing projects, and in my case, writing my new novel. However, I also find it a diversion. The older I get the harder it is to sit for long periods of time and write. I’m good for only, and hour or two these days.

The new novel I’m writing is different from some of my previous books because I’m creating it for the first time. Some of my other books were adapted from screenplays. I had a starting point—the plot and the characters were all there. My novel, Railway Avenue, I worked on so long that I feel only the last third of it was newly created and fresh. This time around, I’ve had to create a plot. My writing strength is in creating interesting characters; I’m not as strong with plots.

Sometimes while I’m writing, I get so involved that I’m only moving my fingers on the keyboard. My body remains frozen in some painful position for long periods-of-time. Getting out of my chair after that is extremely painful. Old age really sucks!

With this new novel, The Hanalei House, I get to a certain place and find I haven’t thought out the next step, and don’t know where it’s going. It’s not writer’s block. I just have to sit down, and take time to think about where it’s going next.

I’ll re-visit this subject in maybe six month or less, and see how I feel about blogging then. As always, thank you for your interest in my blog posts and books. Your support keeps me writing.

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