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I was recently reminded by an internet news item that mentioned us baby boomers grew up with the polio epidemic hanging over our heads. Now, we are at the other end of our life’s journey, and once again we are threatened, this time by the coronavirus. (Funny, I grew up in Corona, New York.) I don’t know about you but I’m having a hard time accepting that I’m old enough to be in the high-risk group.

My supermarket cashier said yesterday that this isn’t that bad. She went on to tell me that her uncle was in the Bataan Death March. That was really bad she said. I responded, yes, we just have to stay in the house. For most of us, we have enough food, we have the internet, TV, books, magazines, newspapers, etc. I’m sure all that will get old as the epidemic wears on.

In this troubled time, I’m finding it hard to work. My energy, spirit, and ambition are sapped. It could be because my new novel is pretty much out of my hands while it is being edited. The cover is finished and uploaded to Amazon, the front and back matter is finished, and I’m tired. Maybe because my 75th birthday is quickly approaching. Yes, can you believe that? I can’t. I’ve been working hard on this book for the past few months so I’m not going to beat myself for being a little lazy right now.

I expect to have the book out in April. That’s the window I’m shooting for, and it seems doable. Maybe, you will have The Hanalei House in your hands before the quarantine ends.

Stay healthy and stay in.

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