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We had an interesting visit to an organic farm today here on Kauai that grows Noni. Noni is a fruit that grows on a tree. It looks a little like a potato. It has many medicinal properties. The fruit is handpicked and processed with low heat to maintain its potency. You can eat it as a dietary supplement every day. It helps promote good joint function, healthy immune systems, overall wellness and energy. It also helps and supports blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.

They process it on the farm and produce it into a very thin, flat leather sheets that you cut into 2 x 2 pieces that you eat, two to four pieces per day. They also make a number of other products that you can apply externally to painful areas on the body. Some of the products they produce can also help your pets. They even use it on horses.

Yes, they make many of the same claims as CBD, but as the owner of the farm stated: CBD masks pain, it doesn’t cure the symptoms. Noni eases the pain, while also helping to cure the problem.

We bought a couple of the leather sheets, which is a two-month supply. We’ll be trying it and I’ll post the results after some time. It’s reasonably priced. When, you consider the cost of medications today, if it works it can save you lots of money. You don’t have to come to Kauai to try it. You can purchase all of their products from their website and they ship them to your home on the mainland.

The best thing is to check out their website:

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