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The Albatross are Back!!!

In September, Anita and I visited an organic noni farm on Kauai where they grow and process noni, a tropical fruit with multiple medicinal benefits (see my September 16th blog "Visit to an Organic Noni Farm"). Steve the owner told us about the Albatross that breed on the farm every year on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I recently received the following update in an email from the farm.

"Last week, the first 3 adults appeared on our hillside overlooking the Ocean. Within days, more and more have made the 2000-mile journey from Alaska to the hillside they were born on years ago. The Laysan Albatross is a magnificent bird with a 6-7 foot wingspan. They mate for life – so, within days, the breeding pairs arrive at their nesting site in front of our farm.

It is quite a sight during the first weeks of them returning as the breeding pairs “reconnect” through singing and dancing since they have not seen each other for 3 months; the end of last year’s breeding season. A pair can sing and dance for an hour in happiness!

Then, within a short period-of-time, they will mate and the female builds a large nest using the pine needles on the ground. Last year, we had 22 breeding pairs, which will probably grow to more than 30 this year as every 7th year, chicks born on our hillside return as mature adults to pick a mate for life and begin breeding here. We began with 3 pairs of breeding Albatross and the numbers just keep growing! The eggs are due to hatch sometime in February."

I will post any future news on these incredible birds when I received it. For more about noni, go to

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Wishing all of you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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