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The HANALEI HOUSE is getting closer to publication every day. I’m working with a cover designer from New York. Yesterday, she sent me several cover mock-ups. They looked nice. I selected the one above, uggested some changes and some additional information be added. I’m waiting to see what that looks like. The book is formatted and I’ve done my own edit many times, always catching more things and tweaking dialogue, etc. Several people have agreed to help with line editing, and I am more than grateful for their help. As I write this, the book is printing so that I will have a hardcopy. Some of my early readers say it is another fun book. I received the following blurb from one of them:

“Puglisi solidifies his reputation as the king of quirky characters with this tale of L.A. natives transplanted to Hawaii.”

As I mentioned in my previous blog about the book, there is always something that doesn’t work or doesn't do what you expect it to do. I tried printing the PDF version of the book today, and it completely changed the format from the way it looks in the Word file. I’m assuming it is the new version of Word (Office 365) that is producing a different result. So I resorted to printing directly from the Word file instead of the PDF. However, I’m concerned because it’s the PDF file that gets uploaded to Amazon for publishing. I will most likely find out if the PDF uploads properly when I get to that point.

That’s the latest. I’ll keep you posted on the book's status.


I received the latest news about the albatross on the Real Noni Farm on Kauai. It is especially interesting where and how they acquire food for the chick.

Time to welcome the newest members of our albatross family! The laboring 60 day incubation period is finally over. What was once a boring white egg is now the cutest little ball of fluff you ever did see.

The excitement shows when Mom and Dad proudly announce the arrival of their adorable chick. But don’t think the hard work is over, there’s four months of continuous feeding ahead. Their main food source is cold water squid which we don’t have here in Hawaii.

A journey for squid can be over 1500 miles one way and take up to 3 days. Upon returning they regurgitate three-day-old stomach squid to their hungry, growing chick. If you think noni smells bad, try being on the albatross bluff for feeding time... Pee-ew!

Next month, help us pick the lucky chick that will star in this year’s contest: Name That Chick!

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