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I had a feeling that the anniversary of my blog was coming up. When I checked, I found that I sent out my first blog on August 1st, 2019. That was a big year for me. I created my website I’m pleased that it gets lots of visits. The biggest fear I had about doing a blog was that I wouldn’t have much to say, nor anything interesting to say, and also felt no one would read it. But you do read it. There have been more than 300. Thank you for that.

When I was trying to decide whether or not to write a blog, several people disagreed with my assessment that I wouldn’t have anything interesting to say. Specifically, I have to thank Deborah Tutnauer and Dusty Demerson for their encouragement. If there is anyone else out there who encouraged me, I thank you too.

As you probably know, I did an interview on KKCR in Hanalei, Kauai. You can listen at the following link:

In the interview, I talk about my new novel, The Hanalei House, my other books, my background, and why I chose Hanalei in 1976 for the setting of The Hanalei House.

I haven’t started any new writing projects yet. I have several ideas that I’m trying to develop. In the meantime, I find blog writing helps exercise my instrument. I’ve been busy concentrating my efforts on advertising my books. I keep tweaking my Amazon ads for better results. It has been a learning process that I’m still trying to master. Please let me know if you’ve seen Amazon ad for any of my books.

I hope you will continue to read my blogs and I will try to continue to make them interesting. If you haven’t done so already, please become a subscriber to my blog. You will automatically receive notifications of new blogs. Just go to my website:

Click on the menu item Sign-up

Fill out the form and Submit.

I’m looking forward to my next event—a Zoom meeting with readers in the Crested Butte Library, Books and Bars Book Club. The Hanalei House is their selection this month. A big thank you to friend and librarian Maria Fenerty for making it possible.

(This photo was taken in 2013 and hung over Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, Colorado announcing a staged-reading of my play - THE PUZZLE.)

Stay safe and keep reading.

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2 commentaires

24 août 2020

Keep on truckin'--We miss you two and are still planing a visit when the "skies" clear--take care---c&d


Susan Rathjen
24 août 2020

Hey Bob,

I like your mask! Keep on blogging, and have fun with the Books and Bars Book Club in Crested Butte.


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